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Quality Policy

We are determined to maintain the highest standards of quality as the Leaders of the Card Clothing Industry. The company has built expertise over time, surpassing its competitors. We are confident that our products are aptly engineered to meet the carding industry's requirement and that we are ahead of the curve in terms of technology and performance. Right from sourcing our raw materials to the quality of service provided; we are determined to ensure the highest quality being delivered to our customers.

Smart and Ingenious Designing and Engineering

We are privileged to have a highly ingenious R&D team which designs and develops carding solutions that support not only the Indian market but also the global markets. Our well-qualified and experienced Engineers continuously focus to develop the best solutions for our customers. Hence, over the years, excellently engineered carding solutions are being offered to the industry by LCC.

Sourcing the Best Raw Materials

Best quality raw materials are always the basis of best products. At LCC, we use raw materials that are sourced from our reliable long-time suppliers. We manufacture the majority of metallic card clothing from high-grade steel and alloy materials. We always ensure that our raw materials are of highest quality standards.

Hi-Tech Manufacturing Technology

We manufacture our products using hi-tech machineries. We have driven future technologies in the manufacturing of card clothing.

Performance and Productivity

We are confident in giving assurance that our products are of world-class standards in terms of performance and productivity. Our card clothing products are of unmatched quality when compared to all the other card clothing products in the market.

Safety and Comfort

We manufacture our products with high safety standards which can be handled with comfort by the end user. Our products meet the safety criteria and requirements which adhere to the related laws, regulations and standards. We provide accurate information about our products and services which include specifications, quality details, handling methods and the raw materials from which they are manufactured.

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