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Meticulously designed tools and accessories, tailored to enhance operational efficiency and effectiveness.


Carbide Plate Plain,
Carbide Plate Stepped


Ceramic Plate Plain,
Ceramic Plate with Step


Carbide Plate 8VG,
Carbide Plate 12VG,
Carbide Plate 16VG


Carbide Plate Female 8VG,
Carbide Plate Male For 6-32VG,
Carbide Plate Female 12-16VG


Carbide Plate for Grooved Lickerin
(2 mm) - MRM Machines


11 up Roller Assembly Complete for
Wire Mounting Machine


Finger Guide Roller Assembly -
(Roller Finger)


Tipped Finger - For Wire Mounting


Servo 11 CAM Cleat 3-7 Mm SV11
- Includes Wire Fairlead


Press Roller Assembly for LICKERIN &


Soldering Iron 500 W with
Tin / lead & Flux


Oil Stone 150 x 50 x 25 mm


Burnishing Pad
(L 203 x H 103 x T 25 mm)


HSS Milling Cutter for Shoe
Type Polymer End Connector


Solid Carbide Milling Cutter


Template 0.55 mm Cast Iron


Template LC363 / 361 / 636
Ring Cotton - 0.4 mm
OE Cotton & Synthetic - 0.6 mm


Template 150 mm, RTR C 60 / C 70, 0.6, R 415


Stripping Tool for Flat De - Clipping


Pre-Bending Roller Assly. for
Lakshmi Flat Clipping Machine


Form Roller Assly. 5 Deg, 10 Deg,
15 Deg, 20 Deg (For LFCM Splited
Spindle, Flat Clipping Machine)


Clamping Support Plate for
TRTZLR Cards Aluminum Flats


Clamp Support Plate - All Cards


Clamping Support Plate LH & RH for
RTR C 60 / C 70 / C 72 & C 75 Cards


Traverse Sharpening Device -
Sharpening Stone


Dial Gauge Type KO2, 0.01mm for
Flat End Milling Inspection Device


Dial Gauge 3046s "MITUTOYO"
for Flat Clipping and Flat Grinding
Inspection Device


Card Setting Leaf Gauge (400 mm x 30
mm width) - (Consist of 4,5,6,7,8,10 and


Card Setting Leaf Gauge (300 mm x 30 mm width) - (12" with 4,5,6,7, 8,10 and 12/1000)


Card Setting Leaf Gauge with Handle -
Individual Leaf


Flat Setting Gauge with Handle
(7, 8, 9, 10, 12 & 14)


DINOLITE - AM 2111 Series (Digital
Microscope) for wire inspection through
Laptop and hand phone


Magnifying Glass 30 X - for manual
wire inspection


Guide Roller for Wire Master

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