DIGITAL EXCELLENCE (DXL) TECHNOLOGY is a high precision digital cutting method to achieve perfect tooth shape on wire points.

FIBRE FRIENDLY FINISH (3F) of the teeth helps to avoid friction with fibres during intensive carding action and reduces neps, resulting in improved sliver quality.

The CENTURA 3F SERIES, a new generation of cylinder wires, doffer wires, stationary flat tops, and revolving flat tops, is the ultimate combination of efficiency, performance, and precision. The series is engineered to perfection with the all-new 3F finish and DXL Technology.

The CENTURA 3F SERIES offers improved wear resistance, superior yarn quality, and eliminates the risk of trash embedment. It ensures reduction of neps and improves sliver quality.

The CONTRA Flat Tops, a patented design with innovative construction featuring canal paths, diverts fiber flow in opposing directions. These alternating twists and turns optimize carding for superior yarn quality. Each flat top's pins are strategically arranged to facilitate fiber movement, ensuring continuous redirection during carding. This innovative approach guarantees exceptional product quality.

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