Evolv To The Next Stage In Carding Technology

The momentum of leadership drives Lakshmi Card Clothing to scale new heights of excellence with its new innovation called EVOLV 2X. Built to perform and designed to perfection, EVOLV 2X takes up the next evolving stage of carding with state-of-the-art technology. At LCC, we always desire to mark our distinction in the industry through continuous market research, product innovation and our deep-rooted belief in quality assurance.

The relentless efforts taken in devising proven solutions in Card Clothing and Card Service Machines catapulted the company to emerge as an undisputed leader in Card Room Technology. With our new range of Doffer wires and Flat tops in addition to the highly successful Cylinder wires of the EVOLV 2X range, a fabric evolution is inevitable.

  • Cylinder Wire re-designed to withstand intense wear and tear
  • More supportive area to the working tip that enhances reliability and consistency on delivery
  • Progressive angle made in the wire for intensive opening of fibre tufts at super high production rate
  • Spark finish in the wire for reduction in friction by the fibres to the Card Clothing
  • Special NST profile leaves no room for trash embedment
  • Manufactured with proven Metallurgical Composition
  • Improved quality of yarn and fabric appearance
Type HT (mm) FT (mm) ANGLE (Deg) Avg.PPSI Application
P 2035 E X 0.4 2.0 0.4 35 950 Cotton
Medium & Fine
P 2035 E X 0.45 2.0 0.45 35 850 Cotton
Coarse & 100% Viscose
  • Sharper points with Slim tooth profile effectively hold the fibres .
  • Re-Cycling of fibre is avoided even at super high production rate.
  • Helps for better reduction in yarn Imperfections.
  • Improved wear resistance to the wire tip.
Type HT (mm) FT (mm) ANGLE (Deg) Points/sq.inch Application
M 4030E X 0.8 4.0 0.8 30 381 Cotton
Medium & Fine
  • High tensile alloy steel wire and stronger foundation for enhanced resilience of pins for super high production cards.
  • New process techniques adopted in side and shoulder grinding to enhance sharpness of flat wire pins for efficient NEP removal.
  • Infinitely progressive setting pattern results in better extraction of trash & seed particles and individualisation of fibre.
  • Reduction in wire height and special double convex wire to withstand enormous load and strain .
Type HT (mm) Wire Points/Sq.inch Application
EVOLV 2X - 420 7.5 DC 420 Cotton- OE
EVOLV 2X - 490 7.5 DC 490 Cotton - Coarse
EVOLV 2X - 550 7.5 DC 550 Cotton
EVOLV 2X - 600 7.5 DC 600 Cotton
EVOLV 2X - 740 7.5 DC 740 Cotton Super