On the Card Service Machines

LAKSHMI CARD CLOTHING is one of the new manufacturers in the world who offer the entire range of card clothing and card Service Machines. Driven by a passion for excellence in quality and customer satisfaction, LCC has crossed many milestones over the last four decades of operations.

LCC’s focus remains directed at achieving total customer satisfaction. The R&D team at LCC is deeply committed to innovating and improvising its product basket and has been able to consistently deliver newer products for the ever changing card room requirements.

Bare Cyl Grinder M/c
  • Rugged Steel Bed.
  • Strong Tube on Ball Bearings.
  • Driven by Electric Motor through "V" Belts.
  • All rotating parts are Dynamically Balanced.
  • Can be set parallel to the cylinder by means of threaded spindles.
  • Absolutely true grinding of the cylinders.
  • Built-in dressing attachment.
Effective working widths 40" & 45"
Grinding wheel diameter 350 mm
Grinding stone: For cast iron
For steel
C36 15VG
A36 K5 V10
Attainable run-out accuracy       0.02 to 0.03 mm max.      
Grinding roller speed 1100 rpm
Motor rating 3 hp, 1400 rpm
Wire Mounting M/c

Wire Mounting Machine - Cylinder

Wire Mounting Machine - Doffer

Wire Mounting Machine - Butt Welding

  • User Friendly Single Bar System.
  • Precision Grooving Device.
  • AC Invertor Drive.
  • Tensioning Device with Dressing and Pre-bending Rollers.
  • Micro Butt Welder.
  • Ideally suited for mounting all type of wires.
  • Has remote control for A.C. invertor drive.
  • Mounting speed up to 25 rpm.
  • Option to mount 40” / 60” width cards
Working width 40" & 60"
Tension device calibration 0 to 12 kgs
Obtainable cylinder speed 0 to 25 rpm
Motor rating         1.5 hp, 960 rpm        
Wire Sharpener M/c
  • Cross spindle located inside the circular tube effects the traverse motion to sharpening stone fitted with gravity head.
  • Better control over resharpening due to the provision of camlock and stopper pin.
  • Special trolley is provided for easy handling.
  • Suitable for all high production cards.
  • Gravitational force employed on the sharpening stone ensures gentle operation and enhances the life of clothing.
  • Free movement of sharpening stone touches all wire points in each traverse.
  • It allows more number of resharpening to get consistent quality.
  • Easy to operate and maintenance free.
Motor rating 0.025kw single phase
Voltage 220v
        Traverse speed        
Cylinder wire
Doffer wire

Total weight 19 kgs (excluding trolley)
On Card Flat Grinding M/c


  • Dynamically balanced roller mounted with emery fillet.
  • Fitted with a light weight drive arrangement.
  • Easy to operate and Maintenance free.
  • Maintains geometry of wire points.
  • Ideally suited for high production cards.
  • Better control over grinding.
Motor rating       0.5 hp 1440 rpm      
Emery fillet 60s grit
Emery roller speed 750 rpm
Roller diameter for
Rieter / Truetzschler
Crosrol Mk6 / Lakshmi

150 mm
Crosrol Mk4 / Mk5 226 mm