Off the Card Service Machines

Lakshmi Card Clothing Mfg. Co. Pvt. Ltd. (LCC) incorporated in the year 1960 in technical collaboration with a leading Swiss Company. LCC belongs to the 'HOUSE OF LAKSHMI’ one of the few vertically structured Textile Groups in the world. The 'HOUSE OF LAKSHMI’ consists of Textile Mills, Textile Machinery and Accessories manufacturing units. LCC manufactures complete range of Metallic, Flexible Card Clothing, Stationary Flat Systems & Card Service Machines.

LCC is an ISO 9001:2008 company, a recognition of its expertise in design, manufacture, supply and after sales service of card clothing, card service machines and wire profiles. The Company is privileged to be an Original Equipment Supplier to world’s leading Card manufacturers. Strong customer-oriented R&D is the driving force behind the company's continual development in the latest technology and cost effective solutions. LCC strives to achieve total customer satisfaction at every stage of customer interaction.


Cast iron Flat End Milling


Aluminium Flat End Milling - LC636/363/361


Aluminium Flat Milling -


  • Mounted on a rigid Fabricated Steel Column.
  • Dual speed Milling Head.
  • Automated Milling Head Mechanism.
  • Easily interchangeable Template to achieve required milling angles.
  • Simple Clamping System.
  • Accurate Milling of Flats.
  • Fully Automatic Milling cycle.
  • Has Precision inspection fixture with Dial Gauge.
Motor rating     1.5 hp, 1410 rpm    
Spindle speed
1st speed
2nd speed

260 rpm
430 rpm
For LC333/361
Polymer end connector
Upto 2500 rpm


  • Sturdy construction and easy operation.
  • Continuous and Constant Top Pressing cycle.
  • Linear Guide ways on both sides of the bed
  • Fully automatic clipping Process.
  • Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) with high safety functions.
  • Electronic Pressure Indicator ensures constant air pressure.
  • Top Pressing Piston and Clipping of clothing to the flat bar in simultaneous operation, ensures highest precision of clipping with respect to straightness of the flat bars.
  • “Continuous and Constant Top Pressing” ensures perfect assembling of flat clothing and flat bar towards highest precision with respect to Straightness.
  • “Linear Guide ways” at both sides of the bed, ensures accurate clipping distance, smooth carriage movement and completely avoid wear and tear of the bed.
  • Light Curtains sensors are provided to stop the machine and Human safety better cared
  • Side clamping ensured by direct Pneumatic Pressure Cylinders.
  • Quick Setup time for different make of flats by Pre-Programmed and Users defined settings.
  • Clipping carriage movement controlled by Ball screw rod with maintenance free Encoder.
  • Specially designed stripping wedge and Electro-Pneumatically controlled clamping device for flat stripping.
  • Manual Hammering is no longer required at both ends.
  • Also available for 40" width cards (LFCM 40).
Effective working width 60" & 40"
Pneumatic system air pressure 4 to 6 bar
Motor rating         1.5hp, 960 rpm        


  • Box Type frame fitted with strong side supports.
  • Dynamically balanced grinding roller running on self aligning bearings.
  • Interchangeable Grinding plates.
  • Effective Dust extraction system.
  • Centralized Lubrication system.
  • Capable of grinding Four Flats at a time or Single Flat at a Time
  • Accurate and Burr free grinding of Flats.
  • Automatic feeding Mechanism for the roller.
  • Has Precision inspection fixture with Dial Gauge.
  • Also available for 60” width cards - AFGM 60.
Motor rating
Drive motor

1.5 hp, 1400 rpm
          Dust extraction           0.8 hp, 2880 rpm
For flat width 60" & 40”
Grinding rollers Ceramic stone / Emery fillet.
Multi Roller Machine Grooved Lickerin Mounting


Multi Roller Machine - Grooved Lickerin Mounting

Multi Roller Machine Interlock Lickerin Mounting


Multi Roller Machine - Interlock Lickerin Mounting

Multi Roller Machine Stripping Fillet Mounting


Multi Roller Machine - Stripping Fillet Mounting

Multi Roller Machine Emery Fillet Mountin


Multi Roller Machine - Emery Fillet Mountin


Wire Mounting Machine - Cylinder

Wire Mounting Machine - Doffer

Wire Mounting Machine - Butt Welding

  • Adjustable main frame assembly.
  • Rollers are seated on 'V Block and hence no separate bearing blocks required.
  • Positive inverter driving system.
  • Tensioning device with dressing and prebending rollers.
  • Easy to operate.

  • Any roller upto 20" diameter and upto a length of 1600 mm can be mounted.
    Can be utilized for mounting of :
  • Cylinder and doffer of all make of cards.
  • Lickerin rollers (grooved & interlocking type).
  • Blowroom beaters (grooved & interlocking type).
  • Feed rollers & Stripper rollers.
  • Stripping fillets.
Motor rating     1.5 hp, 1400 rpm    
Effective working width 1600 mm