The CONTRA Flat Tops is a result of sheer determination and dedication of their customer-centric R&D Team. It is a patented design with an innovative construction with canal paths to divert the flow of the fibres in opposite directions. The twist and turns in opposite directions are the masterstrokes of the flat tops that enable better carding and best yarn.

For instance, if one flat top has pins in left helix direction, the next flat top has its pins arranged to facilitate the fibres to turn in the right helix direction, thereby improve combing.

Again, the third top will be coming into action to divert fibre flow in the left helix direction. This diversion will continuously happen during carding process, so that the fibres are constantly deflected from one direction to another direction during carding.

This new and innovative setting will result in adequate action on the fibres and thus these fibres will be diverted with the help of pins arranged in different direction in each flat top to result in a product that is of exceptional quality.

  • Enhanced fibre separation action between cylinder to flat tops
  • Improved Nep removal efficiency
  • Reduction in yarn imperfections & Classimat faults
  • Made of High Tensile Alloy Steel Wire and increased rubber toping thickness
Type Height (mm) Wire Angle (Deg) PPSI Application
Contra 550 7.5 Double Convex 18 550 Cotton
Contra 600 7.5 Double Convex 18 600 Cotton