The CONTRA Flat Tops is a result of sheer determination and dedication of their customer-centric R&D Team. The new Cylinder wire, CENTURA, with its ingenious distinctive profile is designed to keep the fibres closer to the tip of the Cylinder wire facilitating intensive carding for an efficient nep removal and reduction in yarn imperfections.

This all-new patented Cylinder wire design supports effective transfer of fibres from Cylinder to Doffer and reduces the return flow of fibres which is essential for higher production rates and refined quality.

CENTURA is equipped with more supportive area to the working tip that enhances reliability and consistency on delivery and helps to increase the life of the Cylinder wire.

  • Carding action is improved manifold with the special profile which facilitates the fibre to stay at the tip of the wire point.
  • Distinctive profile helps to achieve quality yarn with better reduction of neps & yarn imperfections.
  • Innovative construction results in reduction of seed coat neps in sliver.
  • Progressive angle made in the wire assures intensive opening of fibres at higher production rate.
  • The increased supportive area at the working tip enhances reliability, consistency on delivery and life.
Specification Height (mm) Foot Thickness (mm) Angle (Deg) Avg. PPSI
P 2035 CE x 0.4 2.0 0.4 35 950
P 2035 CE x 0.45 2.0 0.45 35 850